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Community Survey - Summer Youth Programs

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  2. Community Survey

    The Taylor Parks & Recreation Department welcomes your feedback on possible summer programs.

    This is our first year offering summer recreation programs, and we'll need to start small and build towards long term success. To maximize our resources and best meet community needs, we'd like to get your initial feedback on what programs your kids would be most interested in this summer.

    We'll then take your community feedback from this survey and coordinate with camp instructors to determine what we can actually offer this summer. The list of summer camps, skills trainings and park pop-ups will be finalized by mid-May with programs beginning in June.

    While we can't offer every activity listed below, we do find it valuable to know what our community is interested in. Thanks for your feedback, and let's have a great summer in the Taylor parks!

  3. Weeklong Summer Camps

    Rates vary. Average half day camps are $200 per child per week, and full day camps average $300. Parents can drop off your kids with experienced camp counselors that have full background checks. Free breakfast and lunch provided from our community partners at Taylor ISD. 

    Do you prefer mornings, afternoons or full day?

  4. Single Day Skills Trainings

    Rates vary but average about $30 per child for a 3-hour session. 

    What day(s) work best for your family?

  5. Sports Activities

    Your child's favorite sports?

  6. Recreation Activities

    You child's favorite recreational activities?

  7. Arts, Crafts & STEM Activities

    Your child's favorite arts, crafts and STEM activities?

  8. Games

    Your child's favorite games?

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