Why does Taylor need a TUF?
Investing and maintaining Taylor’s streets and infrastructure is a top priority that pays dividends in the long run. For far too long, roughly 50 years, the deterioration of Taylor’s streets has been an issue at the forefront of public debate in our City. The amount of money it would cost to fix all the “poor” rated streets in Taylor is upwards of $30-60 million dollars since 57% of the streets are rated “poor.” The City’s general fund currently cannot support such a large expense and many different options were considered, with the help of the community, to come up with a solution to solve the street problem. Ultimately, a transportation user fee was presented, collaborated upon with the public and formally adopted on Feb. 11, 2016 by City Council.

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1. What is a transportation user fee?
2. Why does Taylor need a TUF?
3. What are the current rates for the TUF?
4. How do you classify my business?
5. How long will the TUF be in place?
6. When will the TUF be implemented?
7. What will the money collected be used for?
8. How will I know when my street will be fixed?