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The City Council of the City of Taylor met on April 21, 2005, at City Hall, 400 Porter St., Taylor, Texas.  Mayor Don Hill declared a quorum and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following present:


Mayor Don Hill                                                           City Manager Frank Salvato

Pro Tem John McDonald                                            City Clerk Susan Brock

Council member Bernabe Gonzales                              City Attorney, Ted Hejl

Council member Tim Mikeska




Consider authorizing contract to collect First Responder Fees and Dispatch Fees.

Haywood Stanford, Fire Chief, presented additional information gathered from other cities regarding First Responder and Dispatch Fees received since the last council meeting.  A list of cities surveyed included Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Pflugerville and Leander.  These cities currently collect First Responder and Dispatch Fees through the Revenue Rescue collection service.  Cedar Park uses Specialized Billing and Collection Systems of Texas.  Chief Stanford stressed that if the Council were to approve such a collection service contract, he would prefer that the City only bill for services on incidents other than fire calls, such as traffic accidents.  Council member Mikeska referred to the fee as a “user fee” whereby only the person using the service would have their insurance company billed and the City would be reimbursed for expenses related to that particular incident.  Additional revenue from these fees would be added to the General Fund.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald expressed concern for citizens being forced to pay for services if their insurance company does not reimburse the City for the fees.  At the end of the discussion, council requested staff to bring back a contract for consideration for First Responder and Dispatch Fees.


Consider amending board member residency requirements for TEDC.

Carol Minzenmeyer, Chairman of the TEDC Board, presented a request to Council to remove the voting residency requirement for members of the TEDC Board.  She believes that there are several potential applicants who work in Taylor but do not currently reside in the City and feels that they could make a vital contribution to the community through their participation on the Board.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the request to remove the voting residency requirement for TEDC Board members and to seek out any Ordinance that might address these specific requirements.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider future Joint Goal Setting Conferences.

Susan Brock, City Clerk, requested guidance from the Council to determine how to proceed with meeting arrangements for upcoming joint goal setting conferences.  Council agreed to group city boards and commissions into two meetings and when possible, to schedule the remaining entities for the third Thursdays of each month beginning in June.  Council will try to meet with the Taylor Realtors Association on Tuesday morning of the 14th or 21st and the TCAT and TISD will be scheduled tentatively for June 16.


Consider Strategic Goal No. 8 on developing a Legislative Agenda.

Charles Cunningham, Assistant City Manager, presented a compilation of responses from council members and the action steps that might be considered to achieve their proposed legislative goals.  Council member Gonzales asked that Step 2 be broadened to include individuals as well as organizations. 


CIP Update.

David Simons, Head of Engineering, presented an overview of current projects.  He also provided information to the council on a potential problem with the FEMA regulations and floodplain map project.  The most current maps are dated 1991 and it appears that FEMA is not interested in providing an enormous amount of detail to the new maps, which could result in an inaccurate set of maps and poor data.


Council requested that Halff Associates provide more detail and that a letter be forwarded to appropriate legislative representatives to address the problem.



With no further business, the council meeting was adjourned at 7:50p.m.



                                                                             Donald R. Hill, Mayor







Susan Brock, City Clerk