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The City Council of the City of Taylor met with the Taylor Independent School District (TISD) on April 6, 2005, at the Sirloin Stockade, 200 West Lake Drive.  Mayor Hill declared a quorum and opened the meeting at 7:10 a.m. with the following council members and city staff present:


Mayor Donald Hill                                          City Manager Frank Salvato

Mayor Pro Tem John McDonald                     City Clerk Susan Brock

Council member Ella Jez                                  David Simons, City Engineer

Council member Benito Gonzales




Update on pop warner agreement.

Frank Salvato, City Manager, provided an update on the status of the agreement between the City and Pop Warner association regarding the property sale at the corner of West Lake Drive and North Main Street.  The agreement was finalized last week and all monies have been received.  Cedarwood Development has begun working on the site and plans to have the new CVS Pharmacy opened later this year.  Pop Warner has entered into an agreement with the School District to have access to the field adjacent to the Middle School.  Mr. Salvato expressed his appreciation to both groups for making this a successful cooperative effort for everyone.


update on sh 95 school crossing.

David Simons, City Engineer, provided information regarding the latest plans to reroute students crossing SH 95 at Mallard to the Taylor Plaza Shopping Center.  City Staff assisted in developing a design for a sidewalk and highway crossing at the corner of Mallard and North Main.  One issue to be considered includes the possibility of constructing a fence to run from the north driveway of the High School all the way to Mallard to prevent students from continuing to cross in the middle of the campus.  If this option were selected, additional driveway entrances from North Main would be closed and replaced with landscaping.  Staff will continue to work with the School District to address this situation and help develop a safe alternative to the current crossing.


Update on new public library facility.

Mr. Simons presented artist renderings of the new library facility and an update on how the project is progressing.  Mr. Salvato expressed his appreciation to the School District for their agreeing to allow the City the additional fifteen feet to make the proposed design fit on the property and meet all code requirements.  City staff continues to work with the architects in finalizing the plans and hope to begin the bidding process by the end of the year.



Dr. Bruce Scott, TISD Superintendent, addressed a variety of issues facing the school system.  He included a brief discussion on the current Positive Behavior Support program being implemented at the High School and how it is being received.  Initial results indicate the Zero Tolerance Tardy Policy has been very successful in reducing the number of students arriving late to class.  He stressed that these programs are also part of a larger plan to address the recent release of District scores from the Texas Education Agency.  He acknowledged the low scores in some areas and stated his desire to develop a plan to bring the school district up to a higher level. 


Dr. Scott mentioned that they are still in need of a School Resource Officer and they may be looking to the County Constable’s office for assistance since the City Police Department is currently short of available staff.  Dr. Scott briefly mentioned the consolidation issues being raised in the legislature and stated that it really had no bearing on Taylor due to the size of the student body.  He also stressed the need to acknowledge the positive and good things about the school district and the accomplishments of students as well as their achievements.  Mr. Salvato agreed that we might be able to include some of this information in the City newsletter.


Develop joint goal setting strategies.

Mr. Salvato presented an overview of the city’s Strategic Planning process and requested the Board consider setting a date for a future meeting where the Council can share the details of the plan.  It was suggested that it might be best to postpone this meeting until after the upcoming School Board election in May and give the new members an opportunity to participate in this process.


With no further business, Mayor Hill adjourned the meeting at 8:25 am.



                                                                                                      Donald R. Hill, Mayor






Susan Brock, City Clerk