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The City Council of the City of Taylor met on March 22, 2005, at City Hall, 400 Porter St., Taylor, Texas.  Mayor Hill declared a quorum and opened the meeting at 6:00 p.m. with the following present:


Mayor Donald Hill                                                                    City Manager Frank Salvato

Mayor Pro Tem John McDonald                                              City Clerk Susan Brock

Council member Tim Mikeska                                                  City Attorney, Ted Hejl

Council member Ella Jez



Jon-Etta Ross led the meeting with a prayer.



No citizens came forward during this time. 




·        Minutes from March 10, 2005

·        Concur with financials for February, 2005.


Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to approve the consent agenda.  Council member Mikeska seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.




Proclamation for Week of the Young Child.

Mayor Hill read and presented a proclamation declaring April 3-9, 2005 as the “Week of the Young Child”.  Trish VanTil accepted the proclamation on behalf of the Williamson County and Cities Health District.


Review Comprehensive Annual Finance Report.

Jon-Etta Ross, Finance Director, introduced Mr. Brett Wolfe and Mr. Jack Clark from Freemon, Shapard and Story, the firm who conducted the review of the Annual Audit.  Mr. Wolfe presented a general overview of the process and Mr. Clark provided a more detailed explanation of the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report (CAFR) and how they are working towards a more comprehensive report than previously provided. 


Mayor Pro Tem McDonald raised several questions regarding specific data included in the report and was told those items would be researched and a response to be provided once the information has been verified. 


Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report with noted corrections and in lieu of additional information to be provided regarding specific items as indicated during the discussion.  The motion was seconded by Mayor Pro Tem McDonald.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion Passed.






Review Conceptual Design Report for Upper Water Pressure Plane

Mr. Freese of Freese-Nichols, Inc. presented the Conceptual Design Report to establish the size and location of the facilities needed to create and operate the new pressure plane.  Freese-Nichols began the preliminary engineering work for this project last November and has continued to work with City staff to resolve a number of issues including the City of Hutto’s wholesale water needs, revised water demand predictions for the City of Taylor, BRA’s water treatment plant expansion, size of the transmission lines, location of facilities needed for the pressure plane split in town, and the site for the pump station and ground storage tank, including future expansions


Cost of the project is estimated at $6.3 million including the valves and new water lines needed to create the pressure plane split within Taylor.  Share of cost for Hutto is $3.0 million and represents new system capacity required for Hutto’s demand, which is approximately 50% of the new ground storage tank, pump station, elevated storage tank, and transmission main.  The Cities of Taylor and Hutto are using this data to finalize the amended wholesale water agreement. 


The Report includes cost estimates for replacement of the Murphy Park elevated storage tank, $1.4 million, and new 20” transmission main on Old Granger Road, $0.6 million.  The 20” transmission main being proposed will help the Mallard and Murphy Park elevated storage tanks function better and result in the new 0.75 million gallon Murphy Park tank becoming the controlling tank in the lower pressure plane.  Once the agreement with Hutto is completed, Council will be asked to authorize construction documents for the project.


This item was for information only and no action was taken.


Consider Airport fuel purchase agreement with Alliance Flight.

Mr. VanTil, Director of Community Development, presented a request from Mr. Mike Dayon, with Alliance Flight to purchase fuel from the City public fuel distribution system at the Taylor Municipal Airport.  Alliance Flight currently rents aircraft to pilots and student pilots and is based at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  Aviation fuel prices are lower in Taylor and Mr. Dayon would like permission to fuel his aircraft in Taylor.  No one from the company was present to respond to any questions. 


Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the agreement if the corporation can bring back a signed agreement within fifteen days.  Council member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.



Presentation by Keep Taylor Beautiful on improvement to City Gateways.

Ms. Linda Wentrcek, Assistant Director of the TEDC and member of the Keep Taylor Beautiful Association, made a presentation to Council regarding a proposed project to beautify the city’s entry corridors or gateways.  Keep Taylor Beautiful has successfully partnered with other local organizations and received two grants for over $150,000 to beautify the community.  In 1999, grant monies were used to landscape the south side of City Hall and the west side of the Temple College at Taylor campus.  The 2002 grant monies will be use for constructing entry gateways on State Highway 95 at Mustang Creek in South Taylor.  Council thanked Ms. Wentrcek for her presentation and expressed appreciation to the organizations helping make this possible.



Consider Resolution R05-12 to approve construction of new building for WCAD.

Deborah Hunt, Williamson County Tax Assessor, presented a request to the Council to approve a resolution to approve construction of the new Williamson County Appraisal District building.  Council previously approved a resolution for the purchase of the property and this is a request to move forward with the construction of the 30,000 square foot facility.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve Resolution R05-12 and Council member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider agreement with Pop Warner for relocation of athletic fields.

During negotiations with Cedarwood Development Incorporation for the sale of the parkland at the corner of Lake Drive and Main Street the buyer was required to pay $75,000 to the City in addition to the purchase price to cover the relocation costs of the Pop Warner Football athletic facility and operations.  This agreement defines the responsibilities of each party related to a payment of $15,000 by the City to Pop Warner for relocation expenses.


Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to approve the agreement as presented and Council member Mikeska seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Annual Racial Profiling Report.

Police Chief Jeff Straub presented the annual Racial Profiling Data Report to the Council as required by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.  Chief Straub reported that after careful analysis of the date there was no evidence of racial profiling and no complaints of racial profiling in the City of Taylor for the year 2004.  Council member Jez requested additional information regarding specific types of arrests.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to accept the annual report as presented and Mayor Pro Tem McDonald seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider authorizing contract to collect First Responder Fees and Dispatch Fees.

Fire Chief Haywood Stanford presented background information and an overview of the current status of First Responder Fees for the City as outlined in Ordinance 2004-17.  Mr. John Lewis with Revenue Rescue was present to respond to questions regarding current practices in surrounding cities and estimates of income being generated in those cities his company serves.  Council member Jez requested that this issue be discussed more thoroughly at the next Council Workshop on April 21 and that staff provide them with additional information and statistics from other cities currently collecting these fees.


Conduct Public Hearing and Introduce Ordinance 2005-4 requesting zoning change of 1.76 acres located at 2008 Granger Road from Single Family to Local Business.

Mr. VanTil presented background information on a request for a zoning change for property at 2008 Granger Road.  During the Planning and Zoning Commission’s public hearing only one neighbor spoke against the change and the Commission recommended approval of this request.  Mayor Hill declared the Public Hearing open.  Because of its location, Ms. Jeanette Polach, realtor representing the property, stated that she has received more inquiries on the property from commercial developers than from residential buyers.  With no further discussion, Mayor Hill closed the Public Hearing and declared Ordinance 2005-4 introduced.


Introduce Ordinance 2005-5 amending Fee Schedule to increase Solid waste collection rate.

Ms. Jon-Etta Ross, Director of Finance, presented background information regarding a request to amend the fee schedule to reflect an increase in the solid waste collection rate.  Council received a report from Mr. Dean Gorby, IESI Services, at the last Council meeting and agreed to grant the fee increase on a temporary basis until the cost of fuel decreases to within 10% of the original rate when the contract was signed in 2002.  Ted Hejl, City Attorney, read the caption of the ordinance:






With no further discussion, the Ordinance was declared introduced.


Consider Resolution R05-14 requesting County grant funds for Doak Street Park improvements.

Mr. VanTil presented a resolution requesting council approval to submit an application to the Williamson County Urban County’s program for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds.  As a result of joining the County program in 2003 the City now competes for Federal dollars through the county as an entitlement community and has already received $1 million dollars to repair drainage on Dickey Street.  Additional funds not awarded in 2004 are still available and the County is currently accepting applications for these funds.  If approved, this new grant request would be focused on Doak Street improvements and would require a local match of approximately $20,000.  Planned improvements would include restrooms, benches, picnic areas, and a play-scape.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to approve Resolution R05-14 and the motion was seconded by Council member Jez.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Use of Non-primary Entitlement (NPE) Funds for Construction of Hangars.

Mr. VanTil presented a proposal for construction of new hangars at the Taylor Municipal Airport.  Currently the City has 39 T-hangars with a waiting list of approximately 35 pilots seeking to rent a hangar.  In 2004, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) added hangars as eligible projects that can be funded by non-primary entitlement funds (NPE).  Hangars can be funded on a 75% to 25% basis with 75% from NPE funds and 25% from local funds.  Each year since 2001 the City Airport has received $150,000 through the NPE.  In 2005, however, the allocation was only $66,667.  Staff recommendation is to construct 12 T-hangars with the local share of the project to cost approximately $140,000.  Since the hangars will generate additional income through rental fees and aviation fuel sales, the debt to the City would be more realistic than in past efforts to build new hangars. 


Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the use of NPE funds for the construction of hangars and Council member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider request for Flour Drop at Taylor Municipal Airport April 9, 2005.

Mr. VanTil presented a request from The University Flying Club to plan a Flour Drop event at the Taylor Municipal Airport on April 9, 2005.  The Club is associated with The University of Austin and has submitted rules and regulations to be applied during the event.  Council member Jez made a motion to approve the request on the condition that the Club could provide proof of liability insurance prior to the event.  Council member Mikeska seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.



Consider Resolution R05-13 to caNCEL May 7, 2005 CITY COUNCIL ELECTION for at large position and declare unopposed candidate elected to office

Susan Brock, City Clerk, stated that there has been only one candidate to file an application:  Rod Hortenstine and no write in candidates.  No other propositions are on the ballot.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the Resolution R05-13 canceling the election on May 7 to elect a council member at large and declaring Rodney Hortenstine duly elected.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Motion passed.



With no further business, the council meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.



                                                                                                      Donald R. Hill, Mayor







Susan Brock, City Clerk