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The City Council of the City of Taylor met on February 22, 2005, at City Hall, 400 Porter St., Taylor, Texas.  Mayor Hill declared a quorum and opened the meeting at 6:00 p.m. with the following present:


Mayor Donald Hill                                                                    City Manager Frank Salvato

Mayor Pro Tem John McDonald                                              City Clerk Susan Brock

Council member Tim Mikeska                                                  City Attorney, Ted Hejl

Council member Bernabe Gonzales

Council member Ella Jez



Chief Jeff Straub led the meeting with a prayer.



No citizens came forward during this time.  However, Mayor Hill issued a Proclamation in honor of Jerry Mehevac’s many years of community service to the City of Taylor and to East Williamson County.




·        Minutes from February 10, 2005

·        Ordinance 2005-3 amending procedures for requesting variances for signs in the Downtown Sign District.

·        Concur with financials for January, 2005.


Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to approve the consent agenda.  Council member Jez seconded the motion.  Council member Mikeska recused himself from the vote due to a conflict of interest on item no. 3; VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  One ABSTAINED.  Motion passed.




Consider Chamber of Commerce Hotel/Motel Quarterly Report

Shanta Kuhl, President, Taylor Chamber of Commerce, presented the Fourth Quarterly Report for 2004 to the Council.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to accept the report as presented.  Council member Gonzales seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Project Review of Park Restrooms, New Library and Fire Station.

David Simons, City Engineer, introduced Amy Sibley and other staff from Komatsu who were at the meeting to present an overview of the three projects currently underway in the city:  the new Public Library, Central Fire Station, and restrooms at Murphy and Robinson Parks.  Ms. Sibley covered all aspects of the design for each project and emphasized that city staff has been very involved from the beginning in the planning phase. 


Mayor Pro Tem McDonald expressed his concern about the size of the fire station truck bays and was assured that they were being designed to accommodate the largest equipment available.  Council member Mikeska questioned the use of venting in the bays and was told they have included an exhaust relief system to address any fumes. 


Council members Gonzales and Jez asked about the way 8th street flows directly into the parking lot of the new library site and were concerned about how it could lead to traffic problems with regard to speed and safety.  Komatsu staff responded by saying that signage should help alleviate this problem and perhaps speed bumps in the parking lot to slow traffic near the entrance.  There were also questions regarding the extension of Fowzer Street but those concerns were alleviated when staff explained that Fowzer would not be opened until either Phase II or III are completed and additional parking is warranted.  Until then, Fowzer will remain closed at 9th street. 


Mayor Hill asked about duplicating the restroom design for additional facilities other than Robinson and Murphy Parks, particularly at the Doak Ball Fields.  Staff agreed to consider this request in future park plans.


With council approval, Komatsu staff will now begin the technical and construction design phases for each project and will be returning to council at a later date.  With no further questions, council thanked those involved in the design planning stage of these projects.


Review Preliminary Drainage Assessment of the Dickey Street Storm Water Drainage System; consider authorization of Consultant Services contract and confirm availability of matching funds.

Mr. Simons introduced staff from Halff Associates to present the preliminary assessment of the Dickey Street drainage system.  Several phases and alternative plans were presented to council to consider regarding this project as well as preliminary cost estimates.  Mayor Hill expressed his concern for flood relief on Doak Street but was told this project design did not include Doak in the plan and might be better addressed through other avenues.


In order to release $500,000 grant funds from HUD for FY 2005-06 a second application must be filed with HUD by March 31, 2005 and the city must authorize a $100,000 match.  Estimated date for completion of the design phase of this project is October 2005 to coincide with the availability of HUD grant funding.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve Phase I Alternative 3, to authorize the city to provide $100,000 in matching funds and to authorize Halff Associates to prepare an environmental assessment for the project.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider request from Taylor Housing for Authority for installation of individual water meters at Sunset

Bill Brown, Director of Public Works, introduced Mr. Steve Shorts, Executive Director of the Taylor Housing Authority to present his request to the council.  Mr. Shorts presented a report to the council detailing the savings already incurred since the water meters were installed last year at the Mary Olsen Apartment complex.  Based on these savings, Mr. Shorts requested that the Council authorize the installation of 67 water meters at the Sunset Apartment complex to continue this water conservation program.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to approve the installation of a maximum of 67 meters at the Sunset Apartments and Council member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Permit Fee Waiver Request By HILLSIDE SENIOR APARTMENT DEVELOPMENT ON FM 112.  Cari Garcia, presented a request to waive certain development permit fees for a 36 unit senior housing development known as the Hillside Senior Apartments.  The proposed project is planned for the southeast side of town near FM 112 and includes one story, single housing units to be built by a private developer under the Housing Tax Credit Program.  The City already has a policy in place to provide developments in a Neighborhood Empowerment Zone a 50% reduction in development fees, which in this case would total $28,890.  This request is for the waiving of an additional $7,146 in fees to allow the grant applicant to receive additional points in the application process.  It was noted that the area would need to be rezoned from industrial to residential prior to the development of the property.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve Resolution R05-6 increasing the total amount of development permit fees to be waived to $36,036.  Motion was seconded by Mayor Pro Tem McDonald.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.

Consider interlocal agreement with TISD for relocation of Pop Warner Field

Frank Salvato, City Manager, reviewed the details of a previous discussion to enter into an interlocal agreement with the Taylor Independent School District (TISD) to temporarily relocate the Pop Warner Football Association fields to property near the Taylor Middle School.  As part of the sale contract with Cedarwood Development who purchased the parkland at the corner of Main Street and West Lake Drive for a CVS Pharmacy, the developer agreed to give $10,000 to the City to begin the construction of the new practice fields.  An additional $60,000 will be paid by Cedarwood for construction of the field, lighting, a scoreboard, and a mobile concession stand.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to approve the interlocal agreement and council member Mikeska seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Resolution R05-8 Requesting Funds for Indoor Recreation Facility

Mr. Salvato presented background information on this resolution, which included a brief history of his discussions with the YMCA on the possibility of constructing an indoor recreational facility in Taylor.  Jeff Andreas and Ellie Pauley with the Greater Williamson County YMCA were present to respond to any questions.  Currently, Williamson County has $1.6 million of remaining bond funds for park improvements.  In order to request funds from the Williamson County Commission it was recommended that the City Council adopt a resolution in support of such a facility.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the Resolution R05-8 requesting funds for an indoor recreation facility and the motion was seconded by Mayor Pro Tem McDonald.  Council member Jez recused herself from the vote due to a conflict with her appointment to the YMCA Board of Directors. VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  One ABSTAINED.  Motion passed.


Consider award of bid for Bank Depository Services

Ms. Jon-Etta Ross, Director of Finance, presented to Council the results of the bid process for bank depository services.  The City has contracted with City National Bank for these services for more than twenty years and at the request of the Council at a meeting on August 12, 2004, city staff solicited bids.  Bids were received from City National Bank, Citizens National Bank, and First State Bank of Granger.  The results of the bid indicated that Citizen’s National Bank would have “no charge” on all services and pay interest on any funds held while City National would continue to credit the interest earned against fees charged.  It was noted that the change to Citizen’s National Bank could result in an estimated $10,000 of increased interest earned over time.  Council member Jez made a motion to award the bid for bank depository services to Citizen’s National Bank with the contract to be reviewed in five years.  Council member Gonzales recused himself due to a conflict with his employment by City National Bank who also submitted a bid for this service.  Council member Mikeska seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  One ABSTAINED.  Motion passed.


Consider award of bid for Janitorial Services

Mr. Mickey Landry, Parks Superintendent, presented the bid proposal results for janitorial services.  The current janitorial contract expired on January 31st, 2005 and is being extended on a month-to-month basis.  Several changes were made in the level of service provided including an increase to daily cleaning at City Hall and the addition of the City Hall Annex, Fire Administration, and Middle School Library Computer facilities.  This expanded level of services will result in an increase in costs over the existing contract.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to award the bid for janitorial services to Intimate Cleaning, a local contractor, for $41,460 annually for a two-year contract period.  Council member Mikeska seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Adoption of Ordinance 2005-2 Budget Amendment #1

Ms. Ross presented details on the Budget Amendment Ordinance 2005-2 which included the increase for janitorial services.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the ordinance amendment as presented and the motion was seconded by Council member Jez.  VOTE: Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Logo for Mallard Water Tower

David Simons, City Engineer, presented a request to Council to consider colors and design for the Mallard Water Tower.  In an effort to keep the design simple, Council member Jez presented a silhouette of a mallard duck and sample lettering that would wrap around the beige colored tank.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a request that the legs of the tower be painted a contrasting color, dark green.  With no further discussion, Council member Jez made a motion to paint the Mallard water tower Bare Beige with Hunter Green legs and use a silhouette of a duck in flight with the word “Taylor” on both sides of the tank.  Council member Gonzales seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider appointment of Implementation Committee for the Comprehensive Master PlaN

Mr. Van Til presented a request to Council to begin submitting names for those who could serve on a committee to review the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.  He stressed that potential members should represent different facets of the community and could also include individuals from other entities such as Taylor ISD, county agencies, and non-profit groups.  No action was taken by council and members were asked to submit names for consideration to the City Clerk to forward to Mr. Van Til by the end of May.  (Note:  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald submitted the name of Bill Maxwell in writing to the City Clerk prior to the meeting.)


Consider Preliminary Project and Financial Plan and Ordinance 2005-4 for TIF District

Mr. Van Til presented an overview of a project plan for a proposed Taylor Tax Increment District (TIF) No. 1.  This district would function as an economic development tool to finance public improvements in a specific geographic area, in this case, the downtown area  Information presented included a finance plan and a draft ordinance to create the zone.  Staff will continue to work on this plan and was asked to investigate a similar project in Georgetown and to report back to the council with additional information.  No action was taken by the council.


Cancel public hearing on Specific Use Permit-Castro

Due to the fact that the application was withdrawn by the applicant, the public hearing was declared cancelled. 


Consider Resolution R05-7 to call for an election May 7, 2005 for the purpose of electing a council member At Large

Susan Brock, City Clerk, explained that the term for the Council At Large position expires in May, 2005 and an election must be called for May 7, 2005.  It was noted that Council member Mikeska will not be seeking reelection and that there has been only one candidate to file an application:  Rod Hortenstine.  Candidate applications must be received no later than 5pm on March 7 and write in candidates no later than 5pm on March 14.  Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the Resolution R05-7 calling for an election on May 7 to elect a council member at large.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Receive Semi-annual report on Impact Fees

Mr. Van Til presented the Semi-annual Impact Fee Report for the period of July 1, 2004 to

December 31, 2004.  During this time period $49,695 of water impact fees and $14,011 of

wastewater impact fees were collected.  The impact fee capital improvements plan identified

$5,565,215 worth of improvements.  Of that total, $247,388.56 or 4.45% has been collected

since the inception of the impact fee program in 2002.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a

motion to approve the report as presented and council member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:

Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Executive Session: 

Pursuant to Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code at 9:10 pm Mayor Hill adjourned to executive session to meet with the City Attorney regarding advice concerning litigation against the City by Howard Ross and Nathaniel Harvey and contemplated litigation by James Brad Blair. 



Mayor Hill reconvened into open session at 10:05 pm and declared that no action was taken during Executive Session



With no further business, the council meeting was adjourned at 10:06 pm.



                                                                                                      Donald R. Hill, Mayor






Susan Brock, City Clerk