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The City Council of the City of Taylor met on January 25, 2005, at City Hall, 400 Porter St., Taylor, Texas.  Mayor Hill declared a quorum and opened the meeting at 6:00 p.m. with the following present:


Mayor Donald Hill                                                                    City Manager Frank Salvato

Mayor Pro Tem John McDonald                                              City Clerk Susan Brock

Council member Tim Mikeska                                                  City Attorney, Ted Hejl

Council member Ella Jez

Council member Bernabe Gonzales



No citizens came forward during this time.





*Ordinance 2004- 26  Rezoning of 6.4 acres from R/A to B1 on Carlos Parker Blvd.

*Concur with financials for December, 2004


Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to approve Ordinance 2004-26 as presented.  Motion was seconded by Council member Jez.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to concur with the financials for December and Council member Gonzales seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Four voted AYE.  Council member Mikeska abstained.  Motion passed.


Recognize the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, the Economic Development Plan Steering Committees, and the Planning and Zoning Commission for their work on the Comprehensive Plan

Bob VanTil, Directory of Community Development, assisted Mayor Hill in presenting certificates of appreciation to members of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, the Economic Development Plan Steering Committees and the Planning and Zoning Commission for their efforts in developing the Comprehensive Plan for the city.  In the fall of 2003, following the award of a $36,900 grant from the Office of Rural and Community Affairs (ORCA) to prepare our comprehensive plan, the City Council appointed 16 local citizens to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.  In addition, the Board members of the TEDC appointed members to a Steering Committee whose responsibility was to prepare the update to the City’s Economic Development Plan.  The plan was completed and adopted on January 13, 2005.


Consider Acceptance of the ERCOT Expansion’s Public Improvements

Mayor Pro Tem McDonald and Council member Gonzales recused themselves from the discussion.  David Simons, Interim Director of Engineering, presented a request to consider accepting the public improvements associated with the ERCOT building expansion project.  The public improvements include the extension of Airport Road to Carlos Parker Blvd., drainage and detention facilities, and the extension of water and wastewater lines to the property north of the new ERCOT facility.  Items still outstanding include Record Drawings (paper and digital copies).  Council member Mikeska made a motion to accept the public improvements for the ERCOT expansion and release escrow monies with the understanding that record drawings and any other deficiencies cited will be completed within sixty days.  Council member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Three voted AYE.  Two abstained.  Motion passed.


Consider Jaycees annual request to use City Facilities

On behalf of the Jaycees, Mark Barron and Trey Keith presented a list of activities and a request for use of the city owned facilities in Murphy Park in 2005.  Police Chief Straub expressed his concern for a lack of security at past activities and Mr. Keith assured council that they would be working more closely with officers to develop a security plan prior to any planned activities.  In response to as to why they have not moved their events to the East Williamson County Arena Mr. Keith said they need more time to advertise any change in location and that some events such as the BBQ Cookoff work better in Murphy Park because of the shade trees.  High electricity costs are also a factor in using the Arena and the Rodeo Association is working on a way to determine a more equitable method of charging for electricity.  Mr. Keith stated that they will continue to work with the Rodeo Association with the hope of moving events to the arena at some point in the near future.


Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the request with the provision that security issues will be addressed; motion seconded by Council member Jez.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE. Motion passed.


Conduct Public Hearing for and consider Resolution R05-4 approving the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan.

Mayor Hill declared the Public Hearing open and staff with Carter-Burgess presented an overview of the plan in a slide presentation.  Mayor Pro Tem McDonald expressed his concern for the way the priority list was determined and asked if it were permissible to move items up or down on the list as presented.  It was explained that the list was a combination of input from the Parks Board, citizen surveys, Council, and staff and that it could be used to seek outside grant funding for any of the items on the list.  His concern was that more emphasis be given to the hike and bike trail system and that he would like to see this addressed in the plan.  Mr. Joe Kahler provided a comment regarding the limited use of the swimming pool and any future water recreation facilities and echoed the need for hike and bike trail improvements.  The Public Hearing was closed and Council member Mikeska made a motion to approve the resolution as presented and Mayor Pro Tem McDonald seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Purchase of Police Vehicles (3) from Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC)

Jeff Straub, Police Chief, made a request to council to approve the purchase of three new patrol vehicles through the HGAC cooperative purchasing program.  This purchase is part of the City of Taylor’s vehicle replacement program and was previously approved in the budget submitted for the fiscal year 2004-2005.  Council member Mikeska approved the purchase of three vehicles for a total price of $74,832.60.  Council member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


Consider Resolution R05-2 Atmos Texas Municipalities request and

Consider Resolution R05-3 Atmos Energy Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program (GRIP) adjustments

Council considered these two items at the same time in order to make the discussion more comprehensive.  Resolution R05-2 is a request to join with fifty-one cities working together as the Atmos Texas Municipalities (ATM) in examining gas purchasing practices of TXU Gas (Atmos Energy) between November 1, 2000 and October 31, 2003.  Resolution R05-3 is a request to join the ATM and authorize suspension of the effective date until May 15, 2005 for the GRIP adjustments proposed by Atmos Energy. 


Charles Cunningham, Assistant City Manager, explained that these two resolutions are an effort to get cities involved in the municipal oversight of the Atmos management on issues that ultimately effect their cities and customers.  During the discussion, Mr. John Taylor commented that he would like to see our energy provider extend services to more of the citizens who are now dependent on propane.  Mr. Salvato explained that such a decision was up to the provider.  Citing no specific advantage in joining with the ATM, Mayor Pro Tem McDonald made a motion to not approve the resolutions;  Council member Jez seconded the motion; before a vote could be taken Mayor Pro Tem McDonald amended his motion to a motion to approve the resolutions; there was no second and the motion died. 


Introduce Ordinance 2005-1 Utility Deposits

Mr. Hejl read the caption for Ordinance 2005-1:


ORDINANCE No. 2005-1





Ms. Jon-Etta Ross, Finance Director, presented a historical overview of this ordinance and explained its primary purpose was to reward those customers with good payment histories with the city utility department by refunding deposits or by not requiring a deposit for new connections.  With no further discussion, the ordinance was declared introduced.



With no further business Mayor Hill adjourned the meeting at 7:40 p.m.




Donald R. Hill, Mayor



Susan Brock, City Clerk