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The City Council of the City of Taylor met on November 9, 2006, at City Hall, 400 Porter St., Taylor, Texas.  Mayor Bernabe Gonzales declared a quorum and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following present:


Mayor Pro Tem Donald Hill                                Frank Salvato, City Manager

Council Member Rod Hortenstine                      Assistant City Manager, Jim Dunaway

Council Member Ella Jez                                     City Attorney, Ted Hejl

Council Member John McDonald                       City Clerk, Susan Brock


Council Member Hortenstine led the group in prayer.





No citizens came forward during this time.


1.      MINUTES FROM OCTOBER 24, 2006.

      Council Member McDonald moved to accept the minutes as presented and Council           Member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


2.      Consider introduction of Ordinance 2006-31 regarding a request by Marilyn Morgan to voluntary add 19.95 acres to the City of Taylor’s extraterritorial jurisdiction.
In November, 2005, Mrs. Morgan requested the City add 23.480 acres of property to our extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).  However, at the time, the City had an agreement from 1985 with the City of Austin to not expand its ETJ into Travis County.  Therefore, In February, 2006 the City approved an ordinance adding only the portion of land located in Williamson County, 3.53 acres of the 23.480 acres, to the City’s ETJ.  Since that time, the City of Austin and the City of Taylor revoked the agreement and Mrs. Morgan is now requesting the remaining 19.95 acres located in Travis County be added to the City of Taylor’s ETJ.
City Attorney, Mr. Ted Hejl, read the caption to Ordinance 2006-31 and Mayor Gonzales declared the Ordinance officially introduced.

3.      Consider Focus Group Reports for Taylor Economic Development Corporation.
John Nelson, Director of the Taylor Economic Development Corporation (TEDC), presented background information on a project completed by Ampersand, Inc..  Dr. Nelson introduced Ms. Sarah Leiseca with Ampersand, Inc. who presented the results of a study that surveyed individuals who earn more than $50,000/year, work in Taylor but do not live in Taylor.  Questions focused on quality of life issues, results were varied and a summary report was distributed to Council for their review. 

Council thanked Dr. Nelson for his efforts and agreed to review this information in more depth; no further action was taken.

4.      Discuss and consider Hotel/Motel tax agreement with Taylor Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. Salvato provided updated information regarding the current agreement with the Chamber and the allocation of the Hotel/Motel Tax funds received by the City.  Ms. Jan Konarik, President of the Taylor Chamber of Commerce Board, requested additional time to review the amended draft under discussion.  Council Member McDonald requested that any changes reflect the need to focus on tourism as the primary use for these funds.  Council Member Jez noted that a letter had been submitted from the Taylor Artist Guild requesting consideration for funding at a later date.

Council requested that any action on this item be postponed until further discussion with City Attorney.

5.      Consider introduction of Ordinance 2006-30 authorizing the issuance of $4,200,000 City of Taylor, Texas combination Tax and Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2006; levying an Ad Valorem Tax and pledging certain surplus revenues in support of the Certificates; approving an Official Statement; authorizing execution of a Paying Agent/Registrar Agreement and a Bond Purchase Agreement and ordaining other matters relating to the issuance of the Certificates. 
Ms. Rose Dennis, Finance Director, presented a request for Council to officially introduce the Ordinance authorizing the issuance of Certificates of Obligation for $4,200,000 as previously discussed at the October 5 Council meeting.  Council Member McDonald asked for additional clarification in the news media regarding the actual type of fund and its planned use.  These funds are not bonds and will be repaid with utility fund income.  The money borrowed will be used for the purpose of improving and extending the City’s water and wastewater system including construction of an upper pressure plane, the Mustang Creek wastewater interceptor, water and wastewater lines serving the new central Fire Station and to furnish the new library. 

Mr. Hejl read the caption to Ordinance 2006-30 and Mayor Gonzales declared the Ordinance officially introduced.

6.      Consider accepting public improvements for Gemini. 
Mr. John Elsden, City Planner, presented a request for Council to accept the public improvements for a new building by Gemini.  Mr. Elsden reported that all items on the punch list were completed and the only remaining item was for the City to file the plat.

Council Member Jez moved to accept the public improvements for Gemini and Council Member Hill seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.

7.      Consider awarding bid for library furniture for Taylor Public Library.
Mr. Salvato asked that Council pass on this item until staff has time to review the bids which were received yesterday.

8.      Consider tax abatement for Fordtex Investments, Inc. for project at Taylor Municipal Airport.
Mr. Bob vanTil, Director of Community Development, presented an application for tax abatement from Fordtex Investments, Inc. for the construction of a new hangar at the Taylor Municipal Airport.  Mr. vanTil reviewed the application and concluded that the project does not meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the current policy and is therefore ineligible for consideration of a tax abatement. 

Council Member Hill moved to deny the request and Council Member Hortenstine seconded the motion.  VOTE: Five voted AYE.  Motion passed. 

9.      Consider tax abatement for T. Ford Enterprises, Inc. for Sirloin Stockade.
Mr. Bob vanTil presented a tax abatement application from T. Ford Enterprises, Inc. for the new Sirloin Stockade restaurant relocated from Lake Drive to T. H. Johnson Drive.  Current policy requires that the project be in a reinvestment zone and that application be made prior to receiving a building permit.  This project does not meet these criteria and is therefore not eligible for consideration of a tax abatement under the current policy.

Council Member Hortenstine moved to deny the request and Council Member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE: Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.

10.  Discuss tax abatement policies. 
Mr. vanTil asked Council to review the current tax abatement policies.  Some areas that may need reevaluation include employee wages and residency requirements as a way of increasing the benefits to the applicant.  Council Member Hortenstine requested that staff review the policy and bring specific changes back for Council consideration as an amendment to the Ordinance.   

11.  Consider introducing Ordinance 2006-33 amending the Fee Ordinance for airport hangar rental rates and cemetery fees. 
Mr. Dunaway presented a request to Council to consider amending the Fee Ordinance to include new fees for airport hangar rental rates and to incorporate additional changes in the cemetery fees.  Hangar fees were approved by Council at the October 24th meeting without amending the Ordinance.  In addition, a slight fee increase is being recommended to record the cemetery lot deeds with the County in order to cover increased fees by the Williamson County Clerk’s office.  Council Member Jez requested that all Funeral Homes be notified of this fee increase and stress the fact that the City increase is in direct response to a fee increase by the County.  

Mr. Hejl read the caption to Ordinance 2006-33 and Mayor Gonzales declared the Ordinance officially introduced.

12.  Consider appointments to Library Board.
Ms. Karen Ellis, Library Director, presented a recommendation from the Library Board to reappoint Dianne Fox and Evelyn Flowers-Cook to the Board and to appoint John Kaatz to fill the vacancy created with the resignation of Angela Teitz.  Council Member Hill moved to accept the recommendations of the Library Board and Council Member McDonald seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.

13.  Consider setting date and evaluation format for personnel evaluation of City Manager. 
Mayor Gonzales addressed the Council regarding the upcoming evaluation of City Manager, Frank Salvato.  Council Member Jez reminded Council that the issue of format had been previously decided at the November 22, 2005 meeting and no further discussion was necessary. 

Council Member Jez moved to set the date for the City Manager’s evaluation to the meeting in December and to use the original evaluation format with the self evaluation form as previously determined by vote in November, 2005.  Council Member Hortenstine seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.

14.  Executive Session.  The Taylor City Council will conduct a closed executive meeting under Section 551.087 of the Texas Government Code to deliberate regarding economic development negotiations and considering financial or other incentives to a business prospect that the City seeks to have locate in or near the city of Taylor, Texas.      
Mayor Gonzales adjourned Council into Executive Session at 9:05 pm.  Council returned to Chambers at 9:36 pm and Mayor Gonzales announced that no action was taken during Executive Session. 

15.  Consider action from Executive Session
Council Member McDonald moved to approve incentives as recommended by the Taylor Economic Development Commission Board for Project Color.  Council Member Jez seconded the motion.  VOTE:  Five voted AYE.  Motion passed.


With no further business, Mayor Gonzales adjourned the meeting at 9:21 p.m.



                                                                                                      Bernabe Gonzales, Mayor




Susan Brock, City Clerk