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Minutes of Joint TISD Board of Trustees/City Council Meeting

October 4, 2006

Taylor ISD



A Joint meeting of the Board of Trustees

City Of Taylor City Council Meeting

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sirloin Stockade

 200 West Lake Drive Taylor, TX @ 7:00 a.m.


MEMBERS PRESENT:                                      James Stiles, President

                                                                        Johnny Sanford, Vice-President

Shorty Mitchell, Secretary

Brad Moss, Member

Thomas Martinez, Member                    

                                                                        Kathy Cotner, Asst. Secretary

                                                                        Anita Volek, Member


OTHERS PRESENT:                                          Bruce Scott, Superintendent

                                                                        David Krueger, Special Assistant

                                                                        Barbara Dale, Assistant Supt. Curriculum & Instr.

Frank Salvato, City Manager

Jim Dunaway, Asst. City Manager

Bob VanTil, Community Development Director

                                                                        Benito Gonzales, Mayor

John McDonald, Mayor Pro-Tem                                               

                                                                        Ella Jez, Councilwoman

                                                                        Rod Hortenstein, Councilman

                                                                        Shanta Kuhl, Chamber of Commerce Director

                                                                        Betty Thompson, Library Representative

                                                                        David King, Taylor Daily Press

Dellean Hartmann, Administrative Secretary



  • Taylor ISD Board of Trustees (Board President)
  • City of Taylor City Council   (Mayor)



  1. New retail and housing developments. (City) – Bob VanTil – A list was presented with information and listings of businesses and other retail establishments that have located, relocated or expanded in Taylor within the last five years.  Information was also provided indicating that currently there are about 300 approved plats for housing with an additional 500 that are not platted but are in the planning stages.


  1. Update on improvements to East Williamson County Park. (City) – Frank Salvato gave information on grant opportunities to expand the park.  Some grants have been applied and received and others are in the works.  Proposed expansions The park will be expanded to include soccer fields, baseball fields and a Pop Warner field.  Other expansions will occur as funding is secured.  The City has developed a Parks and Recreation Master Plan for all of the parks located within the City.


  1. Update on Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient: Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETE-LU) Enhancement Project. (City) – Frank Salvato provided information as well as a visual of the expansion of downtown city blocks as well as the proposed side connectivity throughout the City.  Grant awards should be announced at the end of the year and will determine the funding availability of these projects.


  1. Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day.  In celebration of Library Opening. (TISD/Bruce Scott/Barbara Dale) – In celebration of the opening of the new library, Dr. Scott suggested that we designate a day for the schools and in cooperation from the City, the Chamber, and other businesses that everyone participate in DEAR.  City officials and others could come to campuses and read with children while others may choose to DEAR in their places of work.  TISD campuses are participating this school year in the DEAR where from 10:00 am to 10:15 campuses are having students and staff “drop everything and read”.  The days and times very per campus.  This is a wonder opportunity to celebrate literacy. 


  1. Taylor ISD Emergency Procedures. (TISD/David Krueger)- David Krueger provided information regarding the Emergency Procedures that the District has in place.  Each teacher on every campus has in their possession and has received training on specific security issues relating to situations that require lockdown, shelter in place, or evacuating to another site.  Monthly fire drills are required for all campuses and TISD conducts a Tornado drill in the spring.  A rehearsal for an intruder is being planned.  City Police and Firefighters have reviewed the plans and provided input.  


  1. Master Facility Study. (TISD/Bruce Scott) – Dr. Scott reported on the growth provided details on the recent development of a Facility Committee and reported on the growth of the district.  Growth is mainly at the elementary level.  The committee met last week and were presented with information and a presentation on current facilities.  Overwhelmingly the consensus of the committee was that we were most likely too conservative on the future growth predictions and timelines, importance of moving away from portables at all campuses when considering expansions, update the facilities at the High School.   Overall growth pattern is roughly 3%.  The growth particularly at the elementary levels is between 6-8%. 


The meeting adjourned at 7:54 A.M.  





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