Williamson County & Cities Health District

What is Williamson County & Cities Health District?

Williamson County & Cities Health District provides public health services to Williamson County.  Their website can be accessed here.
WCCHD also manages Healthy Williamson County, Williamson County's health and wellness coalition. Healthy Williamson County's website can be accessed here.

What resources does WCCHD provide?

The Taylor clinic is located at 115 W. Sixth Street. It provides clinical services such as immunizations, TB screening/testing/treatment, STD testing and counseling, flu shots, pregnancy screenings and more. It also provides resources for Woman, Infants, and Children, or WIC such as nutrition education and access to healthy foods. It also provides screening for federal/state/local healthcare programs and provides health and social service information.

Other WCCHD programs are: 

  • Environmental Health Services: Retail Food Safety Program and Mosquito Management
  • Immunization Advocacy: Texas Vaccines for children and immunization education
  • Disease Control and Prevention: Investigates and responds to outbreaks, public health emergency preparedness and response
  • Marketing and Community Engagement: Public information, outreach, health education, and Healthy Williamson County Coalition

How to contact WCCHD?

WCCHD website: www.wcchd.org 
Healthy Williamson County: www.healthywilliamsoncounty.org
Taylor Clinic location: 115 W. Sixth Street, Taylor, TX 765874; Clinic: 512-238-2121; WIC: 512-238-2109; After Hours Emergency Contact: 512-864-8345

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