Development Review Committee (DRC)

DRC Pre-application Meetings are offered as a free service for applicants to learn more about the City’s development processes and application procedures and help answer general questions. Representatives from various City departments may attend the meeting, based on the proposed project. When possible, any professionals that will be involved in designing or managing the project, such as contractors, engineers, or architects, should attend the meeting to learn about the procedural requirements and how to assemble a complete application.

Meetings are held by appointment every Wednesday morning in 30 or 45-minute increments. Submit your meeting request as soon as possible, as requests are placed on the agenda in the order in which they are received. 

Pre-application Request Form

You may submit this form one of two ways: 

1.) hard copy through the Development Services front counter, 400 Porter Street; 

2.) emailed as a PDF to

The DRC is attended by a representative from each of the following departments/divisions:
  • Building Division
  • Fire Department
  • Engineering/Public Works
When needed, additional representatives from the Parks Department, Main Street, and Economic Development may attend.