S.O.S. - Serving our Seniors Program

S.O.S. - Serving Our Seniors Program

The S.O.S. – Serving Our Seniors program offers comfort, security and autonomy for senior citizens, the disabled and anyone who may lack a support system.  The program is a free service and all participants need is a home telephone to receive daily calls.

Participants receive calls daily at a pre-arranged time that is right for them.  The participants will be asked if they are feeling/doing okay.  They can answer “yes” and hang up.  If there is a problem, the participant can say “no” and the Communications Officer will determine the problem and take appropriate action.

If there is no response or the line is busy the number will be called back.  If there is still no response, the Communications Officer will send a Police Officer to the location.  If there is a problem, contact will be made with a designated friend or family member.

If a participant will be away for an extended period of time or just for a day, he or she can call the 24-hour number, 512-352-5551 and let the S.O.S. – Serving Our Seniors program know.

Taking the fear out of being alone.

Contacting an elderly person, homebound individual or disabled individual on a daily basis helps to reassure their well being and give them a feeling of security.  They know that every day at a specific time there will be someone calling to be sure they are OK.

An additional family member.

The S.O.S. – Serving Our Seniors telephone reassurance program eases the concern of friends and family who may find it difficult to maintain consistent, reliable contact.  By registering a participant in the program, friends and family can be assured that even if they have forgotten to call, or if they were too busy to call, WE HAVE.

Our Community.

The residents of Taylor are important to us.  Our goal is to be sure that all senior citizens/disabled persons within our community feel safe and know that they can count on us in an emergency.  We currently contact each person in the program personally to be sure they are feeling well.  They are treated with respect and compassion, the same way we would want our own parents to be treated.

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