Fannie Robinson Park

Fannie Robinson Park

Fannie Robinson Park Information

Location:  206 S. Dolan St.

Fannie Robinson Park is a 55-acre community park bounded by Walnut and Threadgill Streets. The park is named after Fannie Robinson, a life-long resident of Taylor. The land was acquired in 1939 and, at the urging of Dr. James Dickey, the park was dedicated and named in honor of Ms. Robinson in 1955.

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Splashpad and Other Amenities

The Robinson Park Splashpad is open April 18-Sept. 30, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. To activate the splashpad, locate the black button labeled "get wet" on the ground near the splashpad and touch with a bare hand or foot. 

Also at Robinson Park:
  • 2 baseball fields (community playing fields)
  • 1 basketball court (community playing court)
  • 8 picnic tables
  • Pavilion
  • Walking trail