Police Records

Open Records Requests for Police Records

Requests for criminal case files and the information contained in them must be processed through the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code §552) in writing. Below are your options to request police records:

  • Download the request form
  • Pick up the application form in person at Taylor Police Department
  • Send an email to records@taylortx.gov.
  • or you may then fax the completed request form to 512-352-5119, or mail the form, with attention to the following:

Taylor Police Department
Attention: Records 
500 S. Main St.
Taylor, TX 76574

There are certain exceptions to disclosure that exist under the Texas Public Information Act, to protect against the disclosure of confidential information (i.e., juvenile information). Please be as specific as possible in your request for information contained in a criminal case file.

Asking for anything other than public information requires an opinion from the Texas Attorney General. For a detailed description of the Act visit the Office of the Attorney General’s office web page.

Please allow 10 business days for your request to be processed. 

Crash Reports

All crash report requests can be found through TXDOT on their website, which can be found here TXDOT C.R.I.S Report Purchase Site.
Accident reports (requested under Texas Government Code §552.023) are available to the public for a $6 fee. This fee is mandated by Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).
Per TXDOT officers have10 days to complete written accident reports. Please allow up to 10 days processing time for these reports to be completed, and approved.

Contact records@taylortx.gov for information regarding crash reports or call records at 512-352-5551, Option 3.

Police Department Fee Schedule

The fiscal year 2024 approved fee schedule is found here.

FY2024 Police Department Fee Schedule