Request Grave Marking for Headstone Installation

The Taylor City Cemetery encourages all graves to be marked by a headstone to forever memorialize your loved ones. 

Headstones are permitted in all sections of the cemetery with specific regulations to the size and shape of the stone per the Addition of the cemetery.

Please refer to our rules and regulations booklet for headstone regulations and marking fees:  Rules and Regulations Booklet

We recommend waiting a minimum of 6 months after the burial of your loved one to allow for the ground to settle before having their headstone installed. All stones must be installed by a legitimate Monument Company during cemetery business hours, Monday - Friday, 9AM - 4PM.

Upon submission of this form, the Cemetery Staff will contact you via phone or email during business hours.

Headstone Marking for Installation Request

  1. This form is to be completed by the installing monument company only.
  2. Name(s) on Stone
  3. North
  4. South
  5. Grave Location Information (Complete as much as possible)
  6. Please upload a PDF or image of the stone design.

  7. Please remember to bring a check for the setting fee on the day of installation.

    NOTE: 48 hours minimum notice is required prior to installation of markers. The decedent(s) named on the stone must be interred or is to be interred at a future date at the Taylor City Cemetery.

    (Holidays and Weekends do not count towards this time frame)

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