Fire Department Permits & Applications

This page is for Fire Department Permits & Applications only. For other permitting (building permits, etc.), please visit the Development Services website here or call 512-365-3863. 

Outdoor Burn Permit Application Process 


1.    All practical means of disposal shall be considered before applying for an outdoor burn permit. This includes hauling the waste plant growth to the Williamson County waste disposal facility or mulching the material on site. Outdoor burning of the material shall be the last option.     

2.    These requirements pertain to property within the city limits of Taylor. Property outside the city limits of Taylor should contact their responding fire department and or contact the Williamson County Fire Marshals’ Office in advance of any outdoor burning. 

3. Ensure Citizen is aware of regulations regarding outdoor burning.

4. Basic requirements concerning outdoor burning inside the city limits (not all inclusive). The applicant shall comply with all the requirements as set in ordinance 2012-18.

  • $50.00 fee if approved (charged only when application is approved and returned to City Hall from the Fire Official).
  • Burning of only waste plant growth from the property in which the waste was created
  • 5 acres or more
  • On site inspection
  • Means to extinguish the fire

5. Citizen obtains outdoor burn permit application.

6. Once application is completed, the citizen can schedule the onsite inspection by contacting the City of Taylor Fire Department’s Fire Marshals’ Office 512-352-6992.

 7. On site inspection, this verifies the requirements of the outdoor burn ordinance. Certain requirements shall be in place (means to extinguish the fire) and be ready to inspect upon arrival of the inspector.

8. If onsite inspection fails to comply with the outdoor burn ordinance, the Fire Official will instruct the citizen as to why the site inspection failed.

9. If onsite inspection passes, application is delivered to City Hall permit office by the Fire Official. Citizen pays for and pickup permit at City Hall 400 Porter Taylor, TX. 76574.

Other Applications

Mobile Food Trucks

Does my food truck require an inspection?

Food trucks that prepare food as explained in the definition require an inspection.


Mobile Food Truck Vehicle Inspection


Vehicles, trailers, or any vessels that travel on public roadways that contain cooking equipment that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors for the purpose of preparing and serving food to the public.


Please see the Mobile Food Truck Vehicle Inspection check list here. (link to check list)
Vendors must comply with all requirements listed in the check list prior to contacting the Fire Marshal’s office to schedule an inspection. 

After compliance with all requirements a $35.00 inspection fee shall be paid in advance of the inspection at the City of Taylor’s Utility Billing Department located at 400 Porter Taylor, TX. 76574 or by calling 512-352-2066.


Vendors may also need an additional permit from the Williamson County Health District. Click here for more information


When is an inspection required?

Mobile food trucks that attend a special event within the city limits of Taylor. These events could include but not limited to fairs, conventions, rodeos, car shows, etc. These events typically last 1-4 days and not a stationary or permanent basis.  

For a stationary location, mobile food trucks must comply with the City of Taylor’s Zoning District Use Regulations located here.

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