Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC UPDATES


The City of Taylor is proud to welcome Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC, who recently announced that they are building their semiconductor facility right here in the City of Taylor. The $17 billion facility will have a very large footprint in our community, and we want to keep everyone informed about what to expect. 

On this page, you find update about construction, traffic flow, and other developments as the project progresses over the next several years. Our thanks to the Samsung and Williamson County public information and construction teams for their assistance and cooperation. 

You can also find information about the project details on the news page created by Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC. 

Learn more about the agreement the City signed with the company here:

Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC Agreement and Announcement  


March 30, 2022 Update

  • Construction has begun on a construction camp on the Southwest cover of CR 404 and CR 973. The site will be the staging area for construction crews moving forward. The site will not be accessible by the public, and will not be fully operational until site construction begins later this year. 
  • The City has begun its CIP Water and Wastewater project on the site near CR 973. Please note that the water project on CR 404 is a separate project of the City of Hutto and is not related to the Samsung site
  • Williamson County has begun work on the CR 401 project adjacent to the Samsung site. You can read more about that project on their website here

February 16, 2022 Update

Samsung  secured their site on February 15, 2022. Construction crews have closed segments of County Roads 404 and 401, and all road closures have been approved by the City of Taylor and Williamson County.   

 Measures to increase safety and mitigate traffic have been implemented around the site, including the following:

  • Williamson County has posted “End of County Maintenance” signs ahead of road closures, and Samsung will install road closure signs.
  • The construction logistics plan currently includes three main entrances from the existing CR 401, CR 404 and FM 973.
  • During the beginning phases of construction, there will be civilians with traffic signs to help with the flow of traffic in and out of the construction site.
  • During the day, flagmen will be positioned at each three of the access points.
  • During the night, the three access points will be barricaded with attached flashing lights.
  • Samsung has begun installing a fence around the construction area.

County Road 404 and 401 Road Construction map