Police Security Requests

Requests for Police Security - Extra Assignments

New police security rates effective October 1, 2022.

police security fee schedule effective 10.1.22

  •  Events where alcoholic beverages are sold, served or consumed will require a minimum of two Officers per 300 attendees. Where no alcohol is present, there will be a minimum of one officer per 300 attendees. *UNLESS OTHERWISE DETERMINED
  • If a marked patrol car is required, there is an additional fee of $25.00 per hour for the vehicle.
  • There is a three hour (per Officer) minimum for event(s) not cancelled with at least 24 hours prior notice.
  • While we endeavor to approve and provide officers for all requested events, situations beyond our control (such as numerous events scheduled for the same time period, emergencies, etc.) may cause us to have to decline your request. In any event, you will be contacted and advised of any issues with your application or our ability to fulfill your request.

Complete the 'Request for Police Security' Form and email it to policesecurity@taylortx.gov.