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Our vendors must meet the following requirements (as listed in the Rules & Regulations):

  • You must live and produce the items you plan to sell in Williamson or an adjacent county.
  • You must commit to attending the market at least twice a month.
  • You cannot participate in the market if you own a brick-and-mortar business and sell the same items there.

Read the Rules and Regulations

Determine what category your products fall into.

  • Agricultural (produce, meats, poultry, nursery vendors, beekeepers)
  • Value Added (cottage food products, salsas, baked goods, herbal products, dog food and treats)
  • Artisan (hand crafted items, personal care products, candles, jewelry, art, crafts)

Duplicate Vendors

In order to manage our markets effectively, we need to restrict the number of vendors that offer similar products. Each application is carefully examined to determine how the applicant's presence complements the market as a whole and how it will fit into the current vendor community. 

The board also strives to maintain a majority of agricultural and cottage food vendors, and so may decline artisan applications if the balance will be upset. Every application is kept on file and will be reviewed if the situation changes. 

Permits and Sales Tax

All necessary paperwork for relevant permits from city, county, state, and federal permitting agencies required must be received, notarized as necessary and accepted by the market manager before a vendor may begin selling at the market. Have copies ready to submit upon request.

Contact the Comptroller with all questions regarding sales tax. You are responsible for verifying all information regarding taxable foods and products.


Manufactured Food Products must meet Williamson County Health Department requirements, including licensing and permitting rules. 

Cottage Food Products may be sold at the Farmers' Market pursuant to the rules and regulations established by the State of Texas Department of Health. All cottage food operators are required to complete an accredited class in Food Handler's Training. 

Vendor Application Process and Timeline

The market manager will review your application once it has been received. If you are deemed to be a good fit for the market, your application will be presented to the board for consideration at the next scheduled meeting. The board will consider and vote on all applications at the meeting. 

All new vendors are subject to a probationary period. If the board is satisfied with both the vendor and the vendor's products after one month of participation, then the vendor will be approved for the remainder of the year.

A vendor can request that their status be changed from weekly to full time at this point, and all fees paid during the first month will be rolled into that payment. (See "market fees" on page 1 of the Rules & Regulations.)

Market participation is decided by the board and the City of Taylor. All decisions are final.

Market Fees

Full time and quarterly membership fees must be paid at the beginning of the period. Weekly fees are collected by the Treasurer or their designee during the market. 

At this time, fees must be paid either in cash or by check to the City of Taylor - we cannot take payments by card or any other electronic form.

No refunds or credits for inclement weather - the Market is rain or shine.

Fees subject to change without prior notification if situations and circumstances arise.


  • Full Year Membership:
    • $450 per year
    • 50 market days
    • Must attend at least 43 per year
    • Reserved space under the pavilion (as available)
  • Quarterly Membership:
    • $150 per year
    • 12-13 market days
    • Must attend at least 10 per quarter
    • Reserved space (as available)
  • Weekly Membership:
    • $20 per week
    • 1 market
    • Must attend at least 2 per month
    • Any non-reserved space on a first come, first served basis

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Heritage Square Farmer's Market Entertainment Application

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