Activity by Division


1.         Planning

           Platting application: 21

           Zoning applications: 9

           Variance applications: 13

           Site Plan applications: 4

           Future Land Use Amendments: 3

           Special projects: annexation, Downtown Neighborhood and Gateway Zoning Districts (in progress), TEDC New Industrial Park (in progress), ETJ agreement with Austin, Burrows Tax Abatement/Rebate , Small Communities Park Grant, STEP Grant applications (pending), Sign Ordinance Amendment Sirloin Stockade, Public Infrastructure Maintenance policies (in progress), Creation of the Development Guide and One Stop Development System 


2.         Inspections

           New Single Family Residential Building Permits Issued: 112

           Multi-Family Building Permits Issued: 37

           Commercial Building Permits issued: 25

           Building Plans Reviewed: 168

           Total Number of Permits Issued: 1,192

           Total Number of Inspections Performed: 1,496

           Value of New Residential Construction: $13,074,005

           Value of New Commercial Construction: $9,019,793


3.         Code Enforcement

           Complaints Received/Initiated: 362

           Cases Resolved/Abated: 316

           Currently in Municipal Court: 30

           Open Cases: 15