Taylor Vertical File
Arranged Alphabetically
Contains newspaper clippings, programs, fliers, transcriptions, etc.
File Folder Headings
Agriculture: General
Agriculture-Business: Diamond Roller Mill
Agriculture-Business: General
Agriculture-Business: Gossett Feed & Produce
Agriculture-Business: H.Bland & Co.
Agriculture-Business: Taylor Compress Warehouse
Alcohol-Production & Sales
Ambulance Service
Animals-Control Ordinance
Animals-Livestock & Poultry
Automobiles-Service & Sales: General
Automobiles-Service & Sales: Smith Motor Company
Automobiles-Service & Sales: Taylor Motor Company
Bakers & Bakeries
Banks & Banking: City National
Banks & Banking: First National
Banks & Banking: First-Taylor National
Banks & Banking: General
Banks & Banking: Taylor Banc Savings
Banks & Banking: Taylor National
Barber Shops
Beauty Shops
Books & Bookselling
Bottling Plants
Building Construction & Repair
Building Supplies
Celebrations & Festivals: Cot'n Pik'n Festival & Heritage Day
Celebrations & Festivals: Main Street Days
Celebrations & Festivals: Taylor Golden Jubilee
Celebrations & Festivals: Texas Sesquincentennial
Celebrations & Festivals: United States Bicentennial
Cemeteries & Monuments
Charitable Organizations
Churches: African Methodist Episcopal
Churches: American Spiritualist
Churches: Assembly of God
Churches: Baptist-First Baptist
Churches: Baptist-First Baptist-Robinson St.
Churches: Baptist-Memorial Baptist
Churches: Baptist-Mt. Calvary
Churches: Baptist-Templo Bautista
Churches: Brethern
Churches: Catholic-Our Lady of Guadalupe
Churches: Catholic-St. Mary's
Churches: Christian-First Christian
Churches: Christian-Northview
Churches: Church of Christ
Churches: Church of God
Churches: Episcopal-St. James
Churches: General
Churches: Lutheran-Immanuel
Churches: Lutheran-St. Paul
Churches: Lutheran-Trinity
Churches: Methodist-First Methodist
Churches: Methodist-Tenth Str. Methodist
Churches: Pentecostal
Churches: Presbyterian-First Presbyterian
City: City Hall (1800-1905)
City: City Hall (1905-1935)
City: City Hall (1935-1983)
City: City Hall (1983-Present)
City: City Hall Park (Heritage Square)
City: City Limits
City: City Officials & Employees
City: Codes, Permits and Fees
City: Government
City: Zoning
Clothing Trade: General
Clothing Trade: T.W. Marse Co.
Clubs & Organizations: Jaycees
Clubs & Organizations: Keep Taylor Beautiful
Clubs & Organizations: Kiwanis
Clubs & Organizations: Lions
Clubs & Organizations: Optimists
Clubs & Organizations: Rotary
Clubs & Organizations: Taylor Conservation & Heritage Society-General
Clubs & Organizations: Taylor Conservation & Heritage Society-Local History Days
Clubs & Organizations: Taylor Country Club
Clubs & Organizations: Taylor Garden Club
Clubs & Organizations: Taylor Rodeo Association
Clubs & Organizations: Woman's Study Club
Computers & Computing
Crime & Crimefighting
Department Stores: General
Department Stores: J.C. Penney
Department Stores: Montgomery Ward
Department Stores: Sturgis-Goldstein
Economic Development: Chamber of Commerce
Economic Development: Chamber of Commerce-Taylor Leadership Institute
Economic Development: Main Street Memos (1983-1987)
Economic Development: Main Street Program (1983-1987)
Economic Development: Main Street Program (1999- )
Economic Development: Taylor Economic Development Corp.
Economic Development: Up With Taylor
Emergency Preparedness
Ethnic Groups: Czechs
Ethnic Groups: Mexican-Americans
Ethnic Groups: Swedes
Fairs & Fairgrounds
Finance Corporations
Fire Department: Fire Academy
Fire Department: General
Fire Department: Volunteer Fire Department
Food-Production & Sales: General
Food-Production & Sales: Taylor International Barbecue Cook-Off
Fraternal Organizations
Funeral homes
Furniture Stores
Games & Hobbies: General
Games & Hobbies: Handcrafts
Grocery Stores: General
Grocery Stores: HEB
Hardware Stores: General
Hardware Stores: Kincl Hardware
Hardware Stores: Prewitt Hardware
History & Description: 1876-1879
History & Description: 1880-1889
History & Description: 1890-1899
History & Description: 1900-1909
History & Description: 1910-1919
History & Description: 1920-1929
History & Description: 1930-1939
History & Description: 1940-1949
History & Description: 1950-1959
History & Description: 1960-1969
History & Description: 1970-1979
History & Description: 1980-1989
History & Description: 1990-1999
History & Description: 2000-2009
History & Description: General
History & Description: Reminiscences
Holidays: Christmas
Holidays: Fourth of July
Holidays: Halloween
Hospitals: General
Hospitals: Johns Clinic
Hospitals: Johns Community Hospital Auxiliary
Hospitals: Johns Community Hospital-General
Hospitals: Johns Community Hospital-School of Nursing
Hotels, Motels, & Boarding Houses
Household Appliances-Sales & Service
Ice Production & Sales
Jails & Prisions
Jewelry Stores
Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Library: Taylor Public-Friends of the TPL
Library: Taylor Public-History
Library: Taylor Public-Programs
Manufacturers: Basler Electronic
Manufacturers: General
Manufacturers: Intercraft
Manufacturers: Taylor Bedding
Manufacturers: Taylor Iron-Machine Works
Manufacturers: Taylor Manufacturing/Taylor Desk
Mental Health & Mental Disabilities
Movie Production
Moving & Freight Services
Museums: Moody Museum
Music: General
Music: Wednesday Morning Music Club
Office Equipment & Supplies
Photography & Photographers
Police Department
Postal Service & Postmasters
Railroads: General
Railroads: International & Great Northern (Mopac)
Railroads: Missouri, Kansas & Texas (Katy)
Real Estate Agents
Rest Homes
Restaurants, Cafes, Etc.: General
Restaurants, Cafes, Etc.: Louie Mueller Barbecue
Restaurants, Cafes, Etc.: Rudy Mikeska Barbecue
Saloons & Taverns
Schools: College-Temple College at Taylor
Schools: Private-General
Schools: Private-St. Mary's
Schools: Private-St. Paul Lutheran
Schools: Pubic-Taylor High School-Homecoming
Schools: Public-Alamo
Schools: Public-Blackshear/O.L. Price
Schools: Public-Faculty & Staff
Schools: Public-History
Schools: Public-Northside
Schools: Public-Parent-Teacher Association
Schools: Public-Pasemann
Schools: Public-School Board
Schools: Public-T.H. Johnson
Schools: Public-Taylor High School-Eighth St. Campus
Schools: Public-Taylor High School-Main St. Campus
Schools: Public-Taylor High School-Seventh St. Campus
Schools: Public-Taylor Middle School
Schools: Public-Twelfth Street
Schools: Public-West End
Schools: Taylor High School-Sports
Scouts & Scouting
Secret Socities
Shoes & Boots
Specialty Stores
Sports & Recreation
Street Names
Streets: First
Streets: Second (East)
Streets: Second (West)
Streets: Third (East)
Streets: Third (West)
Streets: Fourth (East)
Streets: Fourth (West)
Streets: Fifth (West)
Streets: Sixth (East)
Streets: Sixth (West)
Streets: Seventh (West)
Streets: Eighth (West)
Streets: Ninth (West)
Streets: Tenth (West)
Streets: Eleventh (West)
Streets: Twelfth (West)
Streets: Bland
Streets: Branch
Streets: Burkett
Streets: Cecelia
Streets: Davis
Streets: Debus
Streets: Doak
Streets: Elliott
Streets: Ferguson
Streets: Fowzer
Streets: Frink
Streets: General Views
Streets: Grace
Streets: Hackberry
Streets: Howard
Streets: Jones
Streets: Kimbro
Streets: Lake Drive
Streets: Lexington
Streets: Lovers Lane
Streets: Main-100 Block
Streets: Main-1400 Block
Streets: Main-1900 Block
Streets: Main-200 Block
Streets: Main-200 N. Main
Streets: Main-300 Block
Streets: Main-316 N. Main
Streets: Main-400 Block
Streets: Main-500 Block
Streets: Main-600 Block
Streets: Main-800 Block
Streets: Main-General
Streets: Main-South
Streets: McClain
Streets: Meadow Lane
Streets: North Drive
Streets: Paving
Streets: Porter
Streets: Quail Cove
Streets: Rices Crossing Road
Streets: Sams
Streets: Shaw
Streets: Sloan
Streets: Sturgis
Streets: Talbot
Streets: Thompson
Streets: Threadgill
Streets: Vance
Streets: Washburn
Telephones: General
Telephones: Southwestern Bell
Theaters: Community
Theaters: Movie
Theaters: Opera House
Transporation: Street cars
Transportation: General
Transportation: Livery Stables
Trash & Recycling
Utilities: Ercot
Utilities: Lone Star Gas
Utilities: Taylor Electric Light Company
Utilities: Texas Power & Light
Utilities: Water Supply
Variety Stores
Voters & Voting