How do I locate a grave?

1. You may contact the Cemetery Coordinator either in person at the cemetery office or by phone, 512-352-3531, during business hours, 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

2. Use the Name's List, Addition Maps, and Cemetery Map. 

         1. View Names List, find your loved one by Last Name. Names are separated alphabetically via the tabs.

         2. Using the grave location information, locate the corresponding Addition Map, 

                   a. 4th Addition, 3rd Addition, 2nd Addition, 1st Addition

        3. The tabs in each edition map correspond with the Block letter or number in each addition.

        4. Use your Cemetery Map to locate the appropriate Block and Lot your loved one is located in. Note: on the Cemetery Map, each small square in the Blocks, is a cemetery lot, consisting of 8 spaces.

       5. You can then use the Google Map View to drive or walk to the appropriate Block your loved one's lot/space is located.

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