Subdivision Platting

The purpose of the Subdivision Ordinance is to regulate the legal division of property into two or more pieces or lots. In most circumstances, the City of Taylor requires that property within the City limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) must be legally platted in order to sell or develop the property.

Has my property been legally platted?

If you would like to know if your property has been legally platted, you may contact the Planning Department to request a legal lot determination or a determination as to whether platting is required.

How do I subdivide my property?

Subdivision plats must be reviewed by the Planning Department and, in most cases, by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

If you are interested in subdividing your property, you should contact the Planning Department prior to submitting a Plat Application that can be found at this link.

Subdivision applications are only accepted on the dates listed on the application calendar which can be found at this link.  Please contact the Planning Department if you have any questions about how or when to submit an application.