Approved Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget

The budget for the City of Taylor represents a blueprint of the programs and services it will provide to the residents of Taylor in the upcoming year. The budget process not only exhibits a balance of revenues and expenditures, but also an opportunity for Taylor to evaluate its services and plan for improvements in the years to come. It is a result of input from the City Council, citizens and staff. 

The FY 2016-17 budget includes total revenues of $11,998,429 and total anticipated expenditures of $11,914,378 in the General Fund. The proposed Utility Fund revenues for next fiscal year are $9,165,607 with anticipated expenditures of $8,033,692. The proposed Airport Fund revenues for next fiscal year are $468,959 with anticipated expenditures of $445,449.  

This year's budget lowered the tax rate 1¢ to a tax rate of $0.803893, which serves as the main source of revenue for the City.

Each year, the budget is created by addressing the City Council priorities, evaluating program effectiveness and exploring ways to enhance services. 

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Some highlights of this year’s budget include: 

  • A 5-year Community Investment Program (CIP) for Streets, Water/Sewer, Drainage, Facilities, Airport, Parks and Downtown by fund, by year
  • Reinvesting Energy Performance Contract savings for facility upgrades including HVAC and lighting
  • Leveraging $300,000 excess energy savings to fund Enterprise Fleet Management Program; Vehicle life replacement cycle reduction of 10-17 years down to 5 years
  • Communications Audit savings totaling $51,886 added to the General Fund
  • Additional Animal Shelter upgrades - funding of Cattainer Project
  • Salary increase of 5% for employees beginning in Jan. 2017
  • Robinson Park TxDOT Grant - $250,000 in improvements including ball field upgrades and splash pad
  • Main Street Trail Project underway - $1.7 million in infrastructure improvements
  • Utilities Master Plan update
  • Funding of two new positions (full-time Code Enforcement Officer and part-time Library Aide) and converting a part-time Kennel Technician to a full-time position. 

Community Investment Program (CIP)

The Community Investment Program, or CIP, is a five-year plan that identifies projected capital expenditures necessary to accomplish the City’s long-range objectives. The ultimate goal of this process is to develop a program that is both financially sound and acceptable to the community. Funding is divided among several areas including streets, facilities, parks, water, storm water and wastewater projects. Notable CIP projects in the five-year plan include:

  • Airport upgrades - $2.9 million in runway and taxiway rehabilitation projects
  • Downtown Streets - $1.2 million for downtown streets
  • MDUS (Drainage) - $660,000 invested for drainage improvements for Edmond/Mills Phase 1 

Where Do My Taxes Go?
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 Budget in Brief
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Transportation User Fee Projects

The Transportation User Fee (TUF) went into effect June 1, 2016 and is accounted for in the Street Fund. The revenue generated from the TUF is proposed for the following projects:
  • 4th Street - $400,000 for repairs
  • Edmond Street - $200,000 for repairs
  • An additional $150,000 set aside for street maintenance

Water/Sewer Rate

The Water/Sewer Rate will increase 14.1% in FY 2016-17. See the graphic below for an explanation of the Water/Sewer Rate increase that was approved by City Council effective Oct. 1, 2015.

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    Finance Director
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