January 2015

Eric Engelke has been a member of the department for eight years.  He is a driver at Station 2 and is also an esteemed member of the Taylor Honor Guard.  One of Eric's favorite hobbies is going to the lake whenever he can, so he can ski and wake board.  He also really enjoys spending time with his 6-year old daughter Kenzie and coaching her sports teams.

December 2014




Clayton Taylor is one of the Taylor Fire Department's newest members. Clayton says that the hardest thing to learn was all the streets in each district; however, the other firefighters were really helpful. Clayton often goes to the lake with his girlfriend of two years named Ashley to go wakeboarding. At the lake, he enjoys fishing and often goes hunting. Whether it is at home or at a theater, Clayton loves to see all types of movies. This new firefighter has become a great fit with the Taylor Fire Department.

November 2014




Lieutenant Wesley Russell is serving in his 15th year with the Taylor Fire Department and is assigned to A-shift. He serves as the department NFPA 1851 coordinator for bunker gear and is the department liaison with the Williamson County Hazmat Team. During his time off from Taylor, he serves as the Assistant Chief of Weir Fire Rescue and as a firefighter at Hutto Fire Rescue. He has also served, for the last 10 years, as an instructor for the CAPGOG-RESET Hazardous Materials Technician program. His personal interests include anything outside -  hunting, fishing, and working on his almost 100-year old house, which keep him busy when not on duty. He is happiest while spending time with his gorgeous wife and awesome daughter.

October 2014




Sean Thomas has only been with the Taylor Fire Department for 1 year; however, he has developed into a great firefighter. Sean first became interested in firefighting when he was in the Army. He has been married to his wife Amy for 6 years, and says that they love to play board games together. They have also been on many international trips overseas to many regions all over the world. When Sean has time off he likes to ride his motorcycle, play some video games, work out, and participate in obstacle courses like the Spartan Challenge.

September 2014



Zach Reeves has been with the Taylor Fire Department for 4 years. He is an amazing firefighter who works hard to support his community and even said that his favorite part about his job is, "being able to help people; do some good." Zach is currently married with two girls named Piper and Campbell. The family loves watching movies together; however, Zach's personal favorite are comedies. He also enjoys going hunting, but he often takes his family to the park, swimming, or bicycle riding.

August 2014



When Engineer Ryan Carlton is not out driving the fire truck around, he loves to spend time with his family. He is married to his wife Sam with one daughter named Page. They hunt together, but the family's favorite activity is loading up the boat and going skiing at Lake Belton. Carlton started working for the Taylor Fire Department in 2005 and says his favorite thing about his job is the other firemen. The firefighters are unique friends with an amazing sense of loyalty and commitment to each other and their job.


July 2014

tim davis pic


Tim Davis is a Lieutenant at the Taylor Fire Department who loves his job. Tim honestly states that the best part about his job is, "inspiring others to be better." He has proven himself to be a great leader and he enjoys the comradery at the department. Lieutenant Davis has three kids, two boys and one girl. Tim loves to play baseball with them; however, he says is personal passion is hunting. Tim also likes to BBQ on the weekends which is a great way to relax after a busy day with his kids.

June 2014



Jason Waits has been with the Taylor Fire Department for 14 years! Jason says the best thing about the department is the friendships he has built over the years. He has two boys named Chase and Brody. Jason regrets anytime spent away from them, but makes up for it by helping them with baseball. Jason has even helped coach the boys team before. In his time off, Jason enjoys hunting and fishing. His motto is "the truth will set you free." Jason is truly a remarkable member of the Taylor Fire Department.

May 2014

Keith H.


Keith Hutyra is one of the newest firefighters here at the Taylor Fire Department! Keith is ambitious and hopes to advance to an Engineer soon. This new firefighter enjoys hunting as well as bow and spear fishing, which he learned from his dad growing up in Waco, Texas. Keith worked construction for five years before he joined the team and also has two adorable pigs named Mrs. Pickles and Mr. Sweaters. Keith's goal is to "assist the community by providing public safety."

April 2014



This month, the Taylor Fire Department would like to recognize Madison Penn as our featured firefighter! Madison is currently the intern at the fire station and helps out the administration department. Madison's favorite part of working for the Taylor Fire Department is the diversity it has to offer and said, "everyday is a new challenge so I don't get bored doing the same thing." In her off time, Madison enjoys reading and Pinteresting. She plans to attend Texas A&M at College Station and major in Psychology.