City Charter Amendments

City Council members are seeking input from citizens regarding possible amendments to the City Charter.  Items identified by staff and Council for further consideration at this time include:

  • Electing the Mayor At Large
  • Electing Council Members by Majority Vote (as directed by the Texas State Legislature)
  • Establishing a method to remove a Council Member by Council for "good cause"
  • Establishing a method to fill a vacated Council position
  • Providing for the City Manager to appoint and/or remove certain employees without Council approval
  • Establishing the city's power to own, operate, and maintain utilities

These issues are only a starting point for further discussion and additional background information on each will be provided as details are developed.  Any action to amend the Charter would require voter approval.

Please send any comments or suggestions to be considered in future discussions and public meetings on this subject to Jeff Straub, Assistant City Manager.

City Charter Review Committee 2012

City Charter Review Committee Report to Council August 14, 2012

City Charter
The original City's Charter was amended by a majority vote of the qualified voters of the City at an election held for that purpose on May 5, 2001. The Charter as printed replaces the Charter adopted by a vote of four hundred forty-four to one hundred ninety-five on April 6, 1914.