Adopt a Pet

Dog and catAbout
We strongly encourage individuals to find their next pet at our shelter! See available animals here!

Adoption Fee
$80 this includes spay/neuter, nail trim, rabies vaccination and city registration (if animal will live in city limits).

No fee to foster, there is an application to be filled out/approval process. Foster parent must sign rabies/sterilization agreement.

Rescue Groups
No fee, must sign rabies/sterilization agreement.

There is a 72-hour hold on animals that are picked up by Animal Control to give an opportunity for the animal to be claimed by its owner(s). After the 72 hours the animal is available for adoption.

We work with various rescue groups (there are several groups that will take any type of animal, and then specific breed rescue groups) to find homes for the animals. Animals available for adoption are featured on the Petfinder website.

Those interested in adopting an animal should contact the shelter at 512-352-5483 to make an appointment as the Animal Control Officer spends time in the community as well as caring for the shelter.