Animal Control

Dog and cat
 Our mission is to help protect the health,safety and welfare of both people and animals in the community. Our Animal Control Officer (ACO) is tasked with impounding any animal in violation of the current City Ordinance and may issue citations for any violation of the City Ordinance or applicable state law. He also works with rescue groups, volunteers, foster homes and local citizens in an effort to place animals housed in our shelter. We are also working with voluteers to develop spay/neuter education programs.

The City of Taylor has one of the only no-kill municipal shelters anywhere. This is thanks to great community volunteers and staff, wonderful partnerships with other shelters and rescue groups and an outstanding community.

We encourage you to find
your next great pet at our shelter!

If you would like to volunteer at our shelter, please complete and return this application.

See the July, 2009 TDHS report on our shelter.

The Animal Shelter is located at 600 East 4th Street
 near the City Cemetery.

For information on an animal that was picked up or to adopt one at the shelter contact Animal Control at 512-352-5551.

Note: Donations made to our animal shelter are tax deductable as outlined in
IRS Publication 526. All donations made for the shelter or animals housed at the shelter shall be used as designated.

State Law relating to the Unlawful Restraint of Dogs 
HB 1411 prohibits an owner from tethering a dog outside between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am and during extreme weather conditions. The bill also prohibits the use of a pinchtype, prong-type or choke-type collar and a tether that is shorter than 5 times the length of the dog or 10 feet, whichever is the lesser. The penalty for violation is a Class C misdemeanor.