NEW: Curbside Recycling Program | Waste Connections
Bin Delivery Begins:  Thursday, February 15, 2018
Recyling Pickup Begins:  Monday, February 26, 2018
First Billing Begins:  Monday, March 5, 2018

For single-family and multi-family homes that are currently on the city's Trash Collection Program.

While regular trash pickup happens every week, recycling containers will be emptied only every other week.

  • Cost per month per home is $2.50 for the first year
  • Cost after the first year is $3.25 per month
With the initial bin delivery, citizens will be provided a bag inside the container to include a recycling schedule, details about what can be recycled and other information about the program.

Recycling Center

The City of Taylor operates a Recycling Center located at 1606 N. Main St. The Center will be closed permanently on March 28, 2018, due to the implementation of a citywide Curbside Recycling Program in February. The drop-off site is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. A bin from Abitibi is available for paper and newspaper and a separate one from Progressive Waste Solutions is for all other recyclables until March 28.

Items accepted:

  • Newspaper / magazines - no telephone books
  • Plastics - soda and water bottles, water jugs, etc., no plastic bags please
  • Aluminum Cans - please flatten, if possible
  • Tin Cans - no foil pie pans, siding, aerosol cans, or any scrap metal
  • Glass - includes glass beverage bottles
  • Cardboard - but frozen food boxes not accepted due to the food contamination

Not accepted


  • Plastic bags of any kind
  • Light bulbs
  • Broken glass of any kind and no flat glass such as car windshields, mirrors, or panes are accepted
  • Hazardous waste


Williamson County Recycling Information

  • Hutto Recycle Center (Waste Management)
    • 101 Landfill Road
      Hutto, TX 76574
    • 512-846-2756
    • Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm; Sat 7am- 12 noon
    • Most items accepted FREE of charge; check the website for details; no longer accepting televisions or monitors.
  • Williamson County Recycle Center is located between Weir and Granger and accepts most household hazardous chemicals FOR A FEE. They also accept plastics, paper, cardboard, phone books, and metal free if sorted. They DO NOT accept explosives, gas cylinders, pharmaceuticals or bio waste.
  • 495 CR156
  • 512-864-3240
  • Thurs. and Friday 8am to 5pm; Sat. 8am to 12 noon

  • Helios (ReGlue) has a location in Taylor and accepts computers to refurbish and distribute to children who cannot afford a computer or Internet access.
    • Reglue (The Helios Project)
      c/o Ken Starks
      307 Ferguson Street
      Taylor, Tx 76574