Mayor & Council

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City Government
The City of Taylor has an elected City Council that is comprised of five Council Members, four of whom are elected from single member districts and one Member elected At-Large (see who represents you on the city District Map). Council members elect from their number a Mayor and a Mayor Pro Tem.

Taylor is a Home Rule City, which means that the Council can enact legislation, adopt budgets, and determine policies, subject only to limitations imposed by the State Constitution and the City Charter. The City Council is also guided by an Ethics Policy  and a Council Relations Policy to ensure their commitment to preserving the integrity of local government.

Visit the Election page for more information regarding the election process.

Historical list of City Commissioners/Council Members

Council meetings are held at 6:00 pm the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at City Hall, 400 Porter Street.  Visit our video page to watch live or view at a later date.  Special meetings are called as needed and are posted on this website and at City Hall 72 hours prior to the meeting date and time.  Sign up through our Notify Me service to automatically receive agendas at the time they are posted or visit our Meetings page for more information.

City Officials

Council members have access to a City internet account (click on their name below for biographical information and an email link) and you may also contact them by mail or telephone.

Jese Ancira, Jr.

Don Hill 2012

Jesse Ancira, Jr.
At Large, Expires May 2014
Mayor 2013-2014

Donald R. Hill
District 1, Term Expires: May 2016

Christopher Gonzales

Brandt Rydell
Christopher Gonzales
District 2, Term Expires: May 2015
Mayor Pro Tem 2013-2014

Brandt Rydell
District 3, Term Expires: May 2015

Scott Green resized


Scott Green
District 4, Term Expires: May 2016


Ethics Policy
City Staff and City Council members abide by the Ethics Policy established by Ordinance 99-17, August 31, 1999.  Council also adopted a Council Relations Policy to provide additional guidelines regarding responsibilities to each other, staff, and to the public.