Computers at the Library

Public Access Computers
The Taylor Public Library has 15 public access computers with Internet access, Microsoft Office programs and a resume writing program. The computers are located in the main section of the Library. You must be 16 or older or have a parental permission form on file at the Library to use the computers. The Library does not filter the Internet. Printouts are in black and white only and cost 10 cents per page.

Go Wireless @ Taylor Public Library
Taylor Public Library offers wireless access at the library. Users with wireless-ready laptop computers or tablet computer can bring their own laptops or tablet computers with them to the library and log on to the Internet. There is no charge for using the Library's high-speed connection.

You need the following:
  • A laptop, tablet computer, smart phone, or PDA
  • A wireless network card installed in the device. The network card must be capable of supporting the 802.11b wireless networking standard

Library staff cannot install hardware or software on your device.
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