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A Noble Bakery cookiesA Noble Bakery: A Noble Bakery is a Texas Cottage Law home-based bakery in Taylor, TX. (www.texascottagelaw.com) I keep a current food handler's license.
We specialize in cookies of all kinds. Such as decorated sugar cookies, drop cookies, and cookie cakes. We also do home-baked loaves of bread. You name it, we'll make it. We also do keto-friendly and vegan cookies. We only sell to local clients. I also store nuts in my home.
The name came from my late husband. I felt that this was the best way I could honor his memory and to have him a part of this business.

Amber Oaks Ranch Pasture with CowsAmber Oaks Ranch:  Amber Oaks Ranch is a 70-acre homestead just south of Thorndale, TX (about 35 miles ENE of Austin). It was established in December 2015 by John & Molly Pantalone. The purposes of Amber Oaks Ranch are threefold: to provide a secure future for ourselves and family, to put into practice the regenerative agricultural practices we’ve learned, and to provide a wholesome experience to our friends and neighbors. We believe that it is vitally important to feed the mind, body, and spirit with unadulterated truth. We are alarmed by the current state of education and agriculture and are concerned for the welfare of the people we love. To this end, we have established Amber Oaks Ranch in order to help people reclaim their freedom through independent living and to establish wellbeing through healthy nutrition.

bucking goat soaps and salsa display

Bucking Goat Farm: A small farm near Paige, wanting to bring fresh food and flowers to the surrounding community. From vegetables, microgreens, and pickled foods to goat milk soap and cut flowers. Our goal is to nourish the people and the land! 

Coupland Honey Company display of honey

Coupland Honey Company:  Coupland Honey Company is a family owned and run honey bee business. We specialize in Real Texas Honey that only we produce. We sell honey and nucs in the spring. When time allows i do removals and get swarms and i am registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service. I also provide bees to people looking to keep ag exemption on their property, please contact for prices and information. We hope you enjoy our pure Texas honey! I also provide a large selection of organically raised produce throughout the year along with free range brown eggs.  

Flake Bakery and Larder bread Opens in new window

Flake Bakery & Larder:  Pie is beautiful, bread is life, and trying new things is a good time. So we bake pies to make days a little more special, bake bread to connect with our community, and make interesting food you've maybe never heard of before. For the time being, Flake is operating as a ghost kitchen, meaning we don't have a storefront. Monday through Friday, we're here making your favorite breads, pies, and provisions for delivery to your homes.

Gurmo44: I make various acid base and acid brines and pickling veggies. I'm on retirement and spent all  my time processing my selections of veggies with the best ingredients.  Use pickling brand distilled vinegars, pickling salt, distilled  water, spices from wholesale stores and sugar with NO GMO! Stop by and get staples of my selection.

Hummers Homestead Alpaca photo of alpacas Opens in new window

Hummers Homestead Alpacas: We strive for all nature fiber products. We have 100% alpaca yarn from our alpacas. Hand made hats and scarf that are 100% alpaca. We sell yarn, roving, cloud and carded fiber for fiber arts. We also sell hats, scarf, headbands, gloves in many colors. We also sell socks, alpaca insoles, and slippers. We sell many different alpaca critters such as Alpaca, Bears, and Bunnies in many different sizes. We also sell rugs, and blankets and ponchos. 

Judys Baked Goods display of breads

Judy's Baked Goods & More

Krafts Log Works table and chairKraft’s Log Works: After starting out as a hobby sawmill, quickly the backyard filled up with logs, sawmill off-cuts, and lots of sawdust. Due to the fact that the wood we milled needed to be air dried and because the process took several years to complete and even then the wood was not dry enough to be used for indoor furniture, we decided to fabricate a vacuum kiln. We get all of our logs from the Central Texas area that have fallen or are being removed by the property owner. It is very satisfying to repurpose the trees into something that will continue to live on in another form. When you scroll through some of our products you will notice that most all of the décor and knickknacks are created from our sawmill off-cuts. We try not to let any wood go to waste if it still has a story to tell!

La Masa Tabasquena Logo

La Masa Tabasqueña: We're a small family-owned business with a love for the traditional foods of Mexico. The essential ingredient to Mexican cuisine is masa. It’s found in everything from the tortilla to the empanada and even in traditional drinks like pozol. This tradition and the rich history that it brings with it are central to the Tamalitos at La Masa Tabasqueña. We use fresh corn masa (we grind the corn ourselves) and traditional ingredients to make handmade Tamalitos and more.

Jars of Nanny Goat Salsa

Nanny Goat Salsa: Family owned and operated- established in 2019. The best homemade salsa around- fresh, gluten free, no sugar added, seriously addictive salsa. We currently offer three flavors of salsa- Original, Cilantro Lime and Chunky. All three flavors are available in Medium, Hot and XXHot heat. No goats were harmed in the making of our salsa.


New Swiss Farms craft display

NewSwissFarms/ELMA's Crafting Co

Kolaches from Pavelkas Kitchen

Pavelka's Kitchen: Baked goods (kolaches, strudel, buchtas), egg noodles

Sugar Penguin Logo

Sugar Penguin LLC: I am a local cottage bakery located in Round Rock Texas that specializes in decorated sugar cookies, cookie cakes, gourmet cookies and macrons. I would love to help you celebrate your next event.

Sweet Bee Flowery bouquet of various flowers Opens in new window

Sweet Bee Flowery: Central Texas Flower Farm.

Field of Bluebonnet's at Tiny Feet FarmTiny Feet Farm: Honey, jams/jellies, honey dippers, ball caps, t-shirts

Woodhoek Wild candle

Woodhoek Wild: Welcome to Woodhoek Wild. I am David Pease, at your service, for fine handcrafted natural soaps, soy wax candles, and aromatherapy sprays made in Red Rock, Texas. Our soaps are made without palm oil and are all vegan except one.

Farmer Al's Eggs

Ghost Tree Farms

Lonzo's Vegetables

Yegua Creek Farms