Public Arts Advisory Board

Bill Pickett bronze statue
Joe Posada performing at Music on Main
Potters Alley in Downtown Taylor

Vision Statement

The Taylor Public Art Initiative will create innovative artistic experiences that explore  Taylor’s history, strengthen the sense of place, reinforce the high quality and uniqueness of the City’s built and natural environment, and set Taylor apart as a place to visit, live and do business.

Taylor’s Public Art Initiative should begin with a big-picture view of the City’s aspirations for itself and its expectations for public art. This vision derives from the charges laid out in the ordinance that created this advisory board:

  • establish an entertainment district,
  • grow and attract the arts in Taylor,
  • be receptive to and embrace the arts,
  • market Taylor to the arts,
  • make Taylor a destination for the arts,
  • preserve Taylor’s legacy of arts, and
  • include the arts in the branding of Taylor
  • enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Taylor.
  • attract tourism and enhance the City’s economic vitality.

Our vision reflects these principals:

Public art should help create gathering places for Taylor residents, connect people with the place, the history and with each other, and provide engaging, educational experiences.

Public art should reinforce the City’s history and reflect the uniqueness of its natural landscape; mark important civic features such as parks, trails, civic infrastructure; enhance the City’s appeal, image and identity in the eyes of visitors, residents and businesses; and encourage excellence in private development.

Public art should create innovative artistic experiences that attract visitors from outside the City, enhance the desirability of Taylor as a place to live and do business, make the creative energy of the City palpable to anyone who visits and elevate the image of Taylor as a cultural destination with unique offerings.